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All online orders are final and non-refundable. Because our cookie dough is perishable, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. We do not offer refunds/exchanges based on customer flavor preference. We are unable to change ship to addresses once orders have been placed.

You will receive an order confirmation shortly after placing your order and will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number once the order has shipped.

All online orders are shipped FedEx and contain dry ice and/or ice packs. Select larger orders may contain dry ice. Your cookie dough will arrive cool and should be placed in the refrigerator or freezer immediately.

All of our items are perishable; therefore if packages will not deliver on a weekday, they will ship the following Monday, unless Monday is a holiday. Orders are not shipped out the same day as ordered. Please do not ship to an address that requires a signature. Please keep in mind National Holidays will often change transit times.

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You can refrigerate your cookie dough for up to 25 weeks. You can freeze your cookie dough for up to 12 months.

If you are wanting to place a large online order please fill out our contact us form and we will respond within 24 hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions
About our Gourmet Edible

Is your cookie dough safe to consume raw?

Yes, all ingredients (including the flour) in our delicious, homemade recipes are safe to consume unbaked.

Is your cookie dough safe for pregnant women?

Yes, all ingredients in our delicious, homemade recipes are safe for pregnant women (and a necessity too)!

Are there raw eggs in your product?

No, all flavors of The Cookie Dough Cafe’s gourmet edible cookie dough are egg-free.

I found a small chunk of sugar in my cookie dough, is this normal?

Just like making cookies at home, there will be occasional chunks of sugar. Our homemade recipes are thoroughly blended, but occasionally small sugar chunks will remain.

Can I bake your edible cookie dough?

No, the gourmet edible cookie dough you purchased is made specifically for consuming unbaked. It does not include the ingredients necessary for making delicious baked cookies. Our products are for the ultimate cookie dough lover!

Are there preservatives in The Cookie Dough Cafe’s cookie dough?

No, there are no added preservatives in the gourmet edible cookie dough you have purchased. All recipes are made with fresh ingredients and immediately frozen or refrigerated to preserve freshness.

How should I store my edible cookie dough?

The Cookie Dough Cafe’s gourmet edible cookie dough products should be used or frozen by the date on the container. If you would like to save your cookie dough for later, it may be kept frozen for approximately 1 year from purchase date.

Are all flavors Kosher?

Yes, all of our products are certified Kosher.

Are the candies used in your products name brand?

Yes, we only use real M&Ms, Oreos, and high-quality chocolate chips.

Does your gourmet edible cookie dough contain hydrogenated oils and/or trans fats?

No, we only use real butter and natural peanut butter in our gourmet edible cookie dough. Mix ins, such as Oreos & M&Ms may contain hydrogenated oils and preservatives.

Where can I purchase The Cookie Dough Cafe’s products?

Our gourmet edible cookie dough is sold in many retail locations across the United States and also on our website. Use our Store Locator to find the closest location to you.

Where can I find your products in the store?

Our products are sold in the dairy or refrigerated section.

Do you sell your products on other websites, such as Amazon?

We currently do not sell our products on websites other than our own. If you purchase cookie dough from a 3rd party, please make sure they are reputable, as we do not personally endorse other online sellers.

We are proud to be 100% women-owned and certified by the WBENC.

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